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At Women Only Fitness Boot Camp we like to have fun and laugh a lot while at the same time get a really awesome workout!  

Camp is conveniently Located in Shamong New Jersey on Rt 541 (Stokes Rd).

Every session is a full body strength and cardio workout designed and Instructed by a Certified Personal Trainer.                

The majority of the exercises are body weight exercises which means no equipment is used.  (i.e. body weight lunges....squats...push ups etc.)  We also do some weighted exercises with medicine balls, light dumbbells, sandbags etc....any 'equipment' we provide.  All of the exercises can be adapted to accommodate ANY fitness level.

1.  Most of the exercises are multi-joint which burn more calories and fat, and boost fitness levels quickly.
2.  You are held accountable for showing up and for giving 110% when you're here.
3.  You are guided in setting achievable fitness goals that contribute to weight loss and fat loss.
4.  Healthy eating and metabolism boosting strategies are addressed.
5.  You get to meet like minded people who can encourage and motivate you.
6.  I will push you past your comfort zone while making sure your technique is correct.
7.  All aspects of fitness including cardio, strength, and flexibility are taught.
8.  Fitness Camp is affordable.
9.  All of the exercises done at camp can be modified to accommodate ANY fitness level.
                               10.   IT IS FUN!!!!!

CAMP SIZES ARE LIMITED  See the 'Camp Calendar /Dates' page for upcoming camps.
Email or call for more info.