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* Research has shown that successful weight loss occurs with diet and exercise, but this isn't entirely true.  True weight loss occurs with diet, exercise and DENISE!!
Rose Richer  

* I would love to do it again.  You were so fun but hard to work out with.  I really liked  it..   Thank you    By the way anybody that needs a trainer I always give them your number.
Thanks again,

* I have had the privilege of working with Denise for over a year. In that time I have consistently been impressed with the high degree of professionalism and expertise with which she has designed and implemented a training program for me. She has created a program that is both challenging and enjoyable in order to help me to reach my fitness goals and I would recommend her services without any reservations. 
Jolynn D. Green

* Hope all is well with you and your family....and your still the best trainer out there!!! kickin some butt!!!

* I have been exercising under Denise's supervision and expertise for the
last 18 months.  My goal has been to feel better, have more energy, lower
blood pressure and glucose levels. This goal is being met.  Denise worked
out a personal plan for me based on specific medical limitations and my
comfort level.  she plans and changes the program each session--- a
testament to her dedication and professionalism.  She is also delightful
Carole Zissman

* Working out with Ms. Denise was very trying for me yet enjoyable. She knew just how far to push me. I had a great experience, and will definitely be attending another boot camp in my near future. -Danielle C. Brown

* So many young and loving people that I have known have passed away this
year. I couldn't help but think* "WOW! I do not want to die from
something I could have prevented." It was like a light bulb turned on
and I realized that I HAD to do something about it NOW. Thankfully,
I came across Denise who holds fitness boot camps and offers personal
training sessions. I decided to contact her and get started right away.
So, the day finally came where we met for the first time. So many things
were running through my head*but I decided to just go for it*What's
the worst that could happen. Well. The worst did happen, I found out
that I was more out of shape than I thought. That was in August, it
is now November and I have participated in one fitness boot camp and I
see Denise 2-3 times a week for personal training sessions. I am
stronger than before and so far the results are incredible! She works
every muscle in your body*sometimes I tell her "I didn't even know I
had that muscle." The boot camps and personal training sessions are
definitely worth it. Especially after a bad day at work *I take it all
out during my session and leave feeling 100 times better. My eating
habits have changed and I am becoming a new person thanks to Denise.